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Anatomy of a Tented Camp – A True African Safari Experience

This month kicks off the annual peak season for safaris in Tanzania, East Africa.  In response, we’re excited to discuss the “anatomy of a tented camp”.  While the idea of sleeping in a tent in Africa still sometimes conjures up a sense of mystery and uncertainty, the truth is, there’s no better way to experience the true wild nature of this magnificent country.

A truly authentic safari experience involves spending the night under the simple cover of canvas, surrounded by the natural sounds of the African night.  No other encounter allows you to feel so completely connected with the breathtaking nature around you.  What’s more, our tented safaris also offer exceptionally comfortable accommodations, so you won’t sacrifice a thing.

There are several key elements involved in tent camping in Africa.  The first part, of course, is the tent, which is typically around 8 x 10 or larger in size.  Some tents include such amenities as writing desks, armoires, suitcase racks and, of course, all include beds.   The best part about the tents is the décor, which presents an authentic African feel, from local crafts to handmade carpets and pillowcases.  The next part of our tenting experience is the bathrooms, which are attached at the back of the tent and include a wash basin, toilet and shower.

The beds are typically king-sized and delightfully plush.  These comfortable sleeping quarters are certainly a welcome sight at the end of a long day on safari.  During the cooler months, hot water bottles are slipped between the sheets before you retire for the night to keep you warm.  Next are the lovely shaded verandas, from which you can lounge in the safari chairs as you sip your morning coffee, or as you review your photographs from the day and relax while enjoying a local Kilimanjaro-brand beer.

Finally, and perhaps the most important, defining element of the tented camp is the amazing staff, which is always on hand to draw your hot shower, wash your clothes, make up your bed for the evening and bring your hot coffee as the sun rises in the morning.

If this doesn’t sound like an exciting, unique and authentic African safari experience, we don’t know what does.  Still on the fence?  Why not take a look through our portfolio which features fantastic images of tented camps, real traveler tented camp experiences and more.  See for yourself just how incredible tent camping in Africa can truly be and contact us for more information on how to book your own amazing journey!