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Tragedy on Mt. Everest

Like all of you, we at Real Life Adventure Travel are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy on Nepal’s Mount Everest. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those who were lost in the avalanche. Without the Sherpa guides whose courage, training and quick thinking many more lives would have been lost.

We know that Sherpas and Porters are critical to the safety and success of climbing. Without their sacrifices climbers around the world would not enjoy the successes that they do.   Having started out as porters and guides ourselves we know how difficult and dangerous the job can be, which is why we have and always will be committed to safety first for not only our clients but also for our crew.

Let us be grateful to all the Sherpas and Porters who help to make our clients dreams come true and ultimately our businesses successful. Let’s also re-commit to ensuring proper treatment to those who sacrifice so much. For those of you who climb, please ensure that your operator is truly taking care of their crew by paying legal wages, providing proper gear, meals and shelter on the mountain and not overweighting them.

If you are interested in helping out the families affected by the tragedy, here are a few groups that are taking donations:

Alex Lowe Foundation: Widows Relief Fund

7 Summits Foundation: http://www.7summitsfoundation

Sherpas Fund: