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Tragedy on Mt. Everest

Like all of you, we at Real Life Adventure Travel are deeply saddened by the recent tragedy on Nepal’s Mount Everest. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those who were lost in the avalanche. Without the Sherpa guides whose courage, training and quick thinking many more lives would have been lost.

We know that Sherpas and Porters are critical to the safety and success of climbing. Without their sacrifices climbers around the world would not enjoy the successes that they do.   Having started out as porters and guides ourselves we know how difficult and dangerous the job can be, which is why we have and always will be committed to safety first for not only our clients but also for our crew.

Let us be grateful to all the Sherpas and Porters who help to make our clients dreams come true and ultimately our businesses successful. Let’s also re-commit to ensuring proper treatment to those who sacrifice so much. For those of you who climb, please ensure that your operator is truly taking care of their crew by paying legal wages, providing proper gear, meals and shelter on the mountain and not overweighting them.

If you are interested in helping out the families affected by the tragedy, here are a few groups that are taking donations:

Alex Lowe Foundation: Widows Relief Fund

7 Summits Foundation: http://www.7summitsfoundation

Sherpas Fund:

Riding with a purpose…

As we have written in the past, one of the most compelling reasons to travel by horseback is the up-close and personal interaction with the wildlife, landscapes and cultures.  Our favorite way to explore!

One such example is a riding safari in India through Relief Riders International.  You might be asking yourself, why are they writing about India, they are an African Tour Operator?  Well the answer is simple, we believe in sharing great work.

About a year and a half ago Robin was introduced to Alexander Souri, the founder of Relief Riders.  A mutual colleague of ours introduced them because she saw that we had shared beliefs in adventure travel for a purpose and Robin is an avid equestrian, so it seemed a natural fit.  As we have learned more and more about their mission and service work through Alexander, we have become big fans of the Relief Rider trips.

Relief Riders International was founded with the mission: to combine an extraordinary adventure travel experience with the opportunity for travelers to deliver life-changing medical care, educational supplies, and livestock to below poverty level villagers in Rajasthan, India.  Alexander will tell you, “I know from my own travels to Rajasthan that for every gift I have given I have received gifts that have changed my life.”

Each trip is about 14 days and combines riding the incredible Marwai horses and service work in some of the most remote hospitals, schools and villages. They have two trips being offered in Feb of 2014.  Robin is personally planning for one of the rides in 2015, so as soon as she knows those dates, she’ll let you know so you can join her!

In the meantime check out the rides for 2014 below:

Also here is a recent write-up they got in the Wall Street Journal:

And the CHP-CHJA Series Circuit winner is….

We know that you have been waiting to hear who won the hot and heavy competition for the CHP-CHJA Series Circuit Trainer Award – a once in a life time African safari with Real Life Adventure Travel.

The competition was tough.  Neck in neck until the very last show between Mary Sayre and Rebecca Johnson. Both barns were on the hunt, taking no prisoners in this most sought after award.

In the end at the very last show, Rebecca pulled it out for the win! Congratulations Rebecca Johnson and to your riders on a great circuit.

Rebecca Johnson CHP-CHJA 2013 Series Circuit Trainer Award

Rebecca Johnson CHP-CHJA 2013 Series Circuit Trainer Award


All of us here at Real Life Adventure Travel look forward to taking you on your adventure of a lifetime!

CHP-CHJA Series Circuit Results:

High Point Trainer
Rebecca Johnson

High Point Equitation Rider        
CHAMPION    Isabella H. Smith
Reserve          Jessica R. Morris
third   Rachel E. Benson
fourth Jamie N. Morris
fifth     Nicole L. Morris
sixth    Cindy L. Bonick

High Point Hunter Horse 
Reserve          Sirius Black
third   Summer Solstice
fourth             Dragonheart
fifth     Crown N Scepter
sixth    Archurro

High Point Hunter Rider  
CHAMPION    Devon N. Hussey
Reserve          Paige E. Nealy
third   Dan P. Schiefen
fourth Cindy L. Bonick
fifth     Jessica R. Morris
sixth    Janelle V. Henningsen

High Point Jumper Horse 
CHAMPION    Fur Elise
Reserve          Strawberry Shortcake
third   Daddy’s Dollars
fourth Professor Peabody
fifth     Just My Luck
sixth    Lost In Translation

High Point Jumper Rider  
CHAMPION    Danielle M. Guest
Reserve          Devon N. Hussey
third   Kate B. Favaro
fourth Kevin E. Apicella
fifth     Mandy M. Reisman
sixth    Jamie N. Morris

Visit With Lynne Leakey

We had the wonderful opportunity and honor to meet and speak with Lynne Leakey last night at the Northern California APTA meeting.  She discussed what a change she has seen over the years in the safari industry, from hunting safaris to photographic safaris to now philanthropic safaris that are making a difference in the world.

She also touched on the immediate and dire need to put an end to rhino and elephant poaching.  We are loosing so many of these majestic and precious animals at an alarming rate that if the if the slaughter continues as it has in 2012 and the short few months of 2013 that these animals will be gone in less than 20 years.

Something must be done or we will loose 2 of the big five that draw people to our continent and countries.  We can’t image not seeing the iconic picture of large herds of elephant against the backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Iconic Elephants and Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background

The good news is that our people are starting to fight back and protect our heritage and national treasures. Here are just a few examples of things that are being done:

  • Kenya Airways is partnering with Born Free to put information packets on their flights to benefit Kenya Wildlife Services
  • Several marches and demonstrations have taken place.  In the Maasai Mara, some 300 strong marched and the Maasai have been engaged to help in the battle against poaching
  • “Elephant Man” Jim Nyamu walked 500 km from Mombasa to Nairobi.  His journey ended at the UNEP Headquarters where he received honors.

It is important for all of us to get involved to help protect our national heritage and treasures.  Here are just a few ways to help and to become more educated:

Elephant Neighbors Center

International Fund for Animal Welfare

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

A Voice for Elephants – National Geographic

Amboseli Trust for Elephants

Big Life Foundation

Save the Elephants

Elephant Voices

Born Free

Time Running Out to Save Elephants from Ivory Trade – Ian Douglas Hamilton


Kenya Wildlife Service

Horse & Style Magazine Features our US Sales and Marketing Rep!

Horse & Style MagazineWhat an honor to have our very own Robin Felix featured in Horse & Style magazine’s ( latest edition.  You can check out the online version of the magazine here

Announcing the NEW Mara-Chyulu Hills Ride

Experience the best of both worlds: Game-rich Masai Mara and the unmatched, stunning landscapes of Chyulu Hills-Kilimanjaro. This new 10-night horseback safari with luxury mobile tented camping delivers the very best riding that Kenya has to offer!

Spend 5 nights in the Mara and 5 nights in Chyulu Hills exploring these magnificent areas home to zebra, topi, giraffe, wildebeest, gazelle, elephant, buffalo and big cats just to name a few of the animals you might encounter!

Best of Kenya - New Mara-Chyulu Hills Riding Safari

Inaugural departure is 1-10 June 2013, with private departures also available. Contact us now to book this fabulous new trip


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