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Chagga Village Tour


Total tour time  5-6 hours

This particular tour is for historical and cultural learning, as one is going to learn about the past history of the chagga tribe and the war between the chaggas and the nomadic maasai people.

During the morning you’re going to drive on the beautiful small plantations of bananas and coffee enjoying the green landscape. It will take about 1 hour drive to reach the chagga caves cultural area.

The Chagga underground caves and the Chagga live Museum have about 2 Km long tunnels. Take some few minutes of learning the history of the caves and visit the museum which will give you the insight history of the Chagga life and the way they used to fight and hide in the caves during the past years.

A traditional lunch cuisine will be prepared and served for you during lunch time.

After the chagga caves tour you can have a short walk to a nearby waterfalls called Ndoro waterfalls where you can go for a swim and enjoy this beautiful place later on get ready and drive back to the hotel to relax and have dinner.


2 Pax
4 - 6 Pax
$ 80 Per Person
$ 60 Per Person

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