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Kilimanjaro Marangu Day Hike


Total tour time  7-9 hours

If you’re uncertain about tackling a full Kilimanjaro adventure, consider embarking on one of our shorter trips via the Marangu route. Spending just one or two days on the mountain will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it entails to partake in a Kilimanjaro trekking expedition.

This option is ideal for those traveling with children who aren’t quite ready for the complete hike, or for those with limited holiday time who still wish to experience the journey. During these excursions, you’ll reach the lower camps of Kilimanjaro, explore untouched tropical wilderness, and marvel at the stunning landscapes. The Marangu route, once traversed by the initial Kilimanjaro explorers, is also home to black-and-white colobus monkeys inhabiting the branches of tropical trees along the trail.

A one-day trip up Kilimanjaro takes you to Mandara Hut and back to the entry gate, while the two-day option offers a more immersive experience with an overnight stay at Mandara Hut, followed by a hike towards Horombo Hut Camp or Maundi Crater. It’s a brief yet captivating adventure where wildlife encounters and local culture seamlessly intertwine.

2 Pax
4 Pax & Above
$ 350 Per Person
$ 270 Per Person

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