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Student Tours in Tanzania

Student tours in Tanzania

Student tours in Tanzania can be any Safari holiday, Beach holiday, trekking holiday or cultural tour categorized as African Educational tour program. You can book any African educational tour and we can customize it as special category for Students whether it is college university student organizing student safari, student-hiking tour, student biking tour, student beach tour or student cultural tour.  Both African tour packages organized and customized by Real Life Adventure Travel are genuinely educational tours full of fun!

Africa offers a series of engaging educational travel experiences to help students grow into global citizens. It is a continent of staggering beauty and contrast, blessed with epic landscapes, ancient cultures and some of world’s most iconic wildlife.
From its snowcapped mountains to sunbaked deserts, vast savannas to lush wetlands, palm-studded beaches and mighty river systems, it offers something for everyone, and we can tailor an educational experience to suit your schools requirements or curriculum.

Student tour in Tanzania

Witness millions of animals in migration, trek through rainforests in search of rare primates, and seek out the iconic Big 5 game animals on an unforgettable safari.
Visit vibrant cities and World Heritage Listed treasures, experience the rich cultures and traditions of Africa’s many ethnic groups or challenge your students to a safe ascent of one of Africa’s highest peaks, such as Mt Kilimanjaro.

Our exciting program of African educational adventures includes opportunities to trek, climb, cycle, kayak, biking cruise and camp throughout these diverse environments.
Browse our range of destinations or get in touch with our team to begin designing an African School Group adventure to suit your budget and requirements.

Tanzania Student Safari

Our vision for Student tours in Tanzania is to help the helpless and encourage our fellow students to believe and have strong desire because this is the secret behind the success. Despite many challenges, we have succeeded in implementing a functioning and reliable tourism program, which gives student from secondary schools and universities the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Tanzania and explore its spectacular nature and culture.
Climb Kilimanjaro with like-minded students! Meet new people, challenge yourself, and conquer Africa’s highest mountain!

Our student-only treks are tailored for young adults who want to explore the world on a budget, but do not want to cut corners on safety or standards. You will have the support of a qualified and very best local Tanzanian crew with you on Kilimanjaro.
You can pay for the trip yourself, or fundraise for charity – with over  a thousand  partner charities to choose from, you can find a cause to support.

student beach tour in zanzibar

1. Help students to experience outdoor activities and share their cultures in order to broaden the mind

2. To increase cross-cultural interaction and exchange , resulting in strong bonds of friendship and making the world a more connected place
3. Raise awareness among students of environmental conservation for the benefit of present and future generation.

4. Allow students to release stress and decrease depression by getting time to refresh their mind on holidays after hard work at school and university.

5. To encourage people to visit Tanzania and get to know its peaceful and welcoming people, such as the Maasai and Chagga tribes.

Kilimanjaro student hiking

Student tours in Tanzania is an adventure which is very unique and it is a learning experience. Our journeys are designed to encourage thriving and positive youth development along with leaving the communities and environments where we travel in a better condition than when we arrived.

The programs for student tours in Tanzania are designed to enhance the following life skills that will help you grow as an individual:
Importantly our adventures help increase general well-being and build resilience in young men and women to help them deal with adverse situations in life such as:-

1. Spending time outdoors reduces stress
There is a reason why there is a smile on everyone’s face after they have come back from an active adventure.
students are some of the most stressed out people in the world, with a recent reporting that stress levels have been rising around the country for the past five years. Thankfully, that nature walks can reduce stress, as well as boost levels of attention, which is very relevant for students

2. Nature makes exercise easier
Some kids have difficulty motivating themselves to get fit. So, make it fun and give them a goal to aim towards.
conducted at the University of Essex suggests that exercise feels easier when you are viewing the colour green, such as on trees, grass and other plants in nature.
The study conducted tested cyclists pedaling in front of green, red and grey images. Those who pedaled in front of the green screen reported that they felt lower exertion during their cycling, as well as displayed less mood disturbances than the other participants display.

3. Nature can rejuvenates your soul
One of the best reasons to spend time outdoors trekking and cycling is that it can reinvigorate your mental state studies have shown that viewing natural beauty can elicit feelings of awe, which can release endorphins and trigger a mental boost.
Ultimately, we tend to be drawn and attracted to things that are beneficial to our survival, which is one of the reasons why trees and other natural elements can help lift our moods.

4. Gain a sense of accomplishment
Regardless of age and size, taking on an overseas adventure can create feelings associated with personal achievement. The greater the challenge, the more sense of achievement we feel when we accomplish those goals.

5. Travel increases your self-awareness
A bi-product of travel is raising your self-awareness and it is one of the most beneficial parts of taking on an adventurous school trip overseas.
Adventure travel brings you closer to your “inner self”, giving you the chance to examine and challenge yourself in ways you did not think were possible.
Stepping into the unknown and taking a risk demands our increased attention and can bring an intense state of self-awareness – one of the reasons that people, such as mountain climbers, engage in adventure activities.

6. The outdoors can make you smarter
Immersing a child in the outdoors can increase their higher order cognition in more ways than found that brain scans taken after exercise showed that the participants had greater and more focused activity in the prefrontal cortex than they did before.
What’s more, active adventures help increase activity in your hippocampus, the brain’s main “storage unit”.

7. Forge new friendships
After an experience of student tours in Tanzania, it is not uncommon to see bonds form between students who prior to the trip perhaps were not as close. The common goals shared of achieving a physical challenge can bring kids together.
Embarking on a challenge with other people can bring them closer together; sharing the trials and the triumphs gives them something to bond over and forms relationships that will embed deep in their memories for many years to come.

8. Learn new life skills
Travel develops a child in any ways. From problem solving to growing confidence and building, resilience, the experiences gained from entering new surroundings and cultures exciting challenges that can enable students to expand their skill set.
Taking part in a Service Learning project only enhances the opportunity to grow as you work alongside local people to achieve a common goal for the benefit of both the host communities and visiting students.

9. Know that you are making a difference when you travel ethically
There is more to travel than just experiencing nature’s finest spaces. Embarking on a trip to some of the world’s most remote and untouched corners puts money into the local economy and helps preserve these pristine landscapes.
As many of these far-flung destinations are located in some of the world’s poorest countries, eco-tourism helps these countries in their efforts to save and preserve their land through organizations that ultimately aim to save the planet.
Adventure travelers are needed throughout the world to support these initiatives with their tourism dollars. Also, travelling with eco-friendly and responsible travel companies can have positive changes on animal welfare, waste management, porter protection, communities in need and sustainable development.



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